Effective Exercises For Safe and Natural Penis Enlargement

If you’re looking for a proven method of penis enlargement, you could settle for some fancy marketing gimmicks and empty promises of 5-8 inches of growth. For guys who are ready to get real results instead of promised results, penis exercises is a much better option! With a success rate of over 80%, guys are finding permanent increases in size and growth without the pain or disfigurement issues that pumps or even extenders can provide when not used correctly.

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How Do Penis Exercises Work?

There are three specific areas of penis tissue development that occur when penis exercises with the Jelq Device are performed regularly.

  • New tissue growth is encouraged with regular exercise movements just as muscles are encouraged to grow with a workout.
  • Cell multiplication is encouraged through regular stretching of the spongy penile tissues so that more growth can be achieved.
  • Blood flow circulation is improved so that every erection can achieve it’s maximum size on a consistent basis.

Just as you’d exercise your heart to stay healthy, you need to exercise your penis for it to stay healthy as well. Sexual intercourse might seem like the best kind of exercise, but it’s not. Only through safe, effective stretching can a guy get the health benefits that he wants. A penis exercises program can help make that happen quickly and effectively!

penis-exercisesHere’s even better news: you can use your own hands as a Jelq Device as well. For best results, you’ll want to take a look at http://www.jelqgym.com/ and consider doing these exercises either in the shower or immediately afterward as the warmth will relax the scrotum.

How Do You Exercise a Penis?

The fastest and easiest way to exercise your penis is to stretch it out. Take a hand and grip the head of your penis between your thumb and first finger.

Make sure you’re wrapping around your penis and not squeezing it! Then slowly stretch it out until you feel pressure on the tissues of your penis. If you feel pain, then you’ve gone too far.

warningAny pain is not normal and you should stop the exercise immediately, whether you are using a device or hands.

Now hold that stretch to a count of 10 and then release. Then simply repeat that process several times throughout the day whenever you have a few moments and you’ll begin to see results in 2-3 weeks, just like you would with any other workout!

If you’re ready to gain your self-confidence back, increase your self-esteem, and give yourself the penis that you’ve always wanted, then it is time to try the proven exercises that will give you a noticeably larger penis. Use the Jelq Device for easy results or use your hands.

What matters is that you take action today so that you receive permanent size gains as soon as possible.