Penile Enlargement: How To

Men the world over search through options for penile enlargement. There are many options available these days, some are effective, some are more drastic. Which way you choose to try and increase your size will be a mixture of how much time you want to spend on it and how comfortable you are with the method. In this article we will cover some of the options that you can use to enlarge your penis.

Penis Enlargement Exercises

penis-exercisesExercises are the most natural way to enlarge your penis, some say this method is very effective when utilized with exercise equipment. Most of these exercises will use compression to add stress to the penile tissues, which encourages the growth of new cells and thus creates an enlarged penis. The Compressor is a common form of a compression exercise that is great for girth enhancement. It is a two handed exercise. These are the steps involved in the Compressor exercise:

  • Start with an overhand OK-grip and tightly grip the base of the penis.
  • Use your other hand in an OK-grip, where the glans of your penis turns into the shaft.
  • Bring both hands together, compressing the shaft of your penis.
  • While compressed, bend it back and forth, creating tension which increases growth.

Penis Stretching:

penis-enlargement-extenderWhen you stretch the penis you are putting stress on it, this creates small tears. When the tissue tears, new cells and tissues grow to fill in the space. As this occurs, the overall size of the penis will begin to change and grow. These are of great use if you are trying to extend the length of your penis. You have to be careful, you don’t need to stretch so hard that the penis is caused pain for the stretching to be effective. Stretches can be performed in several directions for maximum lengthening:

  • Straight – This stretch is great for general length.
  • Right or left – Stretching the penis to the left or right is a good way to fix a curvature.
  • Downward or upward – This creates tension on the top or bottom of the penis, perfect for lengthening.
  • Combo– Combine any of the above for maximum benefits.

Technology is always striving to make our lives simpler, and penile enlargement is no different. You don’t have to manually attempt penile enlargement there are several forms of penis enlargement devices.

Common Penis Enlargement Devices

Most of these devices fit into one of these categories:

  • Extenders
  • Weights
  • Pumps

Penis Extenders:

Extenders are in effect, a basic traction device. They are available in myriad designs, but the idea is the same. The extender will place an increasing amount of tension on the penile tissues. This creates tears, which with cellular repair become larger expanses of tissues and thus a longer wider penis. The best of these devices are designed to fit comfortably and be worn all day.

Hangers & Weights:

These are also a sort of traction device, however, the traction is made by the weights utilizing gravity. The bigger penis is thus engendered using the same basic process as with the extender. Done over a period of time it will lengthen your penile tissues. This can be dangerous if you are not sure how heavy of a weight to use.

Penis Pumps:

penis-enlargerA penis pump uses the science of vacuum pressure to make penis enlargement happen. Just like with the extenders, there are a variety of designs available for penis pumps.

However, they will all have some kind of cylinder that slips over the penis and a way to create a vacuum. This makes the blood to move into the penile tissue, engorging it. Over a period of time the effects become permanent.

With all the various ways to enlarge your penis these days, it really boils down to a matter of personal choice. Do you want to wear a device all day? Do you want to spend an hour locked in your room? Do you want to take 20 minutes and pump up? Take a look at all the varied options and decide what is best for you.

Natural Male Enhancement Supplements

There are men from all walks of life that have severe anxiety and in some cases even embarrassment when it comes to their genitalia. Whether it is due to the size of their penis or their ability to get, or maintain an erection, today’s medical community has answers for all of these concerns.

male-pillsWhy should men with a low libido, erectile dysfunction or penis length be any different from all the other medical concerns addressed?

Pharmaceutical companies the world over have been manufacturing male enhancement supplements for some time now. The first questions on every man’s mind are; what these pills are, and if they are safe.

What are They?

First things first, is being able to understand what these pills are. The male enhancement supplement pills are a medication that is utilized for the enhancement of sexual intercourse and to enlarge the penile tissues. Men use these pills to compensate for the most common problems that men experience in the bedroom, premature ejaculation, and anxiety over size, and erectile dysfunction. Some men are either not satisfied with their current size or would just like to enhance what they already possess and the pills can help to do that. Of course in a society that places emphasis on the adage of “bigger is better” it is little wonder that so many reach for a supplement. This is one of the reasons these supplements have become so popular.

The natural way is always the best way because it will engender fewer side effects and work better with your body’s natural chemistry. The male enhancement supplements that use herbals extracts and vitamins, not only coincide with your body’s natural processes, they work faster and with better results since your body has no need to sort through all kinds of additives and useless chemicals. Some of the herbs that are most effective in helping with make enhancement are flaxseed, tongkat ali, and ginseng, just to give you an idea of what to look for in a supplement.

penis-diagram-pillsWhat do they do?

These herbs and vitamins promote blood circulation and increase the blood flow to the penile area.

With increased blood flow, your erection has less chance of failing and can be maintained, rock solid, for much longer periods of time.

As the Corpa Cavernosa expands it gradually begins to maintain its expanded tissues, thus giving you more size.

With more size, increased stamina and lowered chances of total erectile dysfunction, you and your partner can experience some truly transcendent sexual experiences.

Not only will your orgasms be much more satisfying with your increased size and sensitivity from the extra blood flow, your partner will be getting the attention they need as well. Using male enhancement supplements you improve your relationship and your health as well as the length and girth of your penis.

Side Effects?

When you buy male enhancement supplements that are made from mainly natural ingredients, there do not seem to be any side effects at all if you are healthy. If you have some current health issues you may experience some mild side effects such as a headache to facial flushing. It is always best to consult with your doctor or pharmacist on the ways your current medications may interact with any supplements you purchase.

Whether you need this type of product is a completely personal choice. Even men that have a large penis to begin with have become interested in using this type of supplement due to the many benefits it has. Though there may be some side effects, lots of men still believe the good side of these pills greatly outweighs any possible negatives.

The Fleshlight Stamina Training: Last Longer and Get Bigger Fast


  • Are you looking for an effective way to enhance your sexual experiences?
  • Do you want to be able to last longer every time you have sex and have a bigger penis to show for your efforts?

Many guys will use the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit as a simple masturbation tool, but they don’t know what they’re missing! With some simple exercises that focus on this tool, guys of any size can begin to see differences in their sexual experiences in just 2-3 weeks!

You Don’t Just Have to Exercise the Penis To Succeed

One of the problems that guys have when it comes to prematurely ending a sexual encounter is that they are overstimulated. There are a number of reasons why this might happen:

  • the penetration is too deep and this has caused more arousal than anticipated;
  • the muscles that control the orgasm are weak and flabby, causing brinksmanship to be non-existent; or
  • the incorrect rhythm is being used during sex and this is causing too much excitement too quickly.

The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit works because it provides a realistic, natural amount of pressure on the penis. When inserted into the device, the transition is seamless and the arousal experience is natural. Don’t worry if you use this device for the first time and feel like you need to explode immediately.

That’s natural! Just keep using the device.

Over time, you will begin to build up stamina. For most men, if they can last 15 minutes with a Fleshlight, then they can last 30 minutes when having a real sexual encounter.

How Can These Exercises Increase Penis Size?

increase-penis-sizeThere’s a funny thing that happens when pressure is applied to the spongy tissues of the penis. It is encouraged to expand! Think about what happens when you use an actual sponge. It soaks up water until it is completely saturated, right? What happens if you stretch out that sponge? It grows bigger in size while still being able to hold the same amount of water!

That’s what happens with your penis over time.

Although you won’t want to actually give yourself an orgasm while you are trying to exercise because that will immediately cause shrinkage, you can give yourself some intimate pleasure while working toward a great reward. Then, when you’ve managed to make it to 15 minutes while still fully erect, you can give yourself an immediate reward as well.

The key to doing these exercises properly is to make sure that the unit itself is smooth and supple. Use renewing powder to keep it feeling gentle instead of abrasive and you’ll want to do even more exercises – which encourages even more growth!

If you’re looking for a fun, safe, and effective way to enhance your sexual experiences, then you’re ready for the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit. Get started today with your exercising, increase your stamina, and you’ll have the best sex of your life every single night!

Effective Exercises For Safe and Natural Penis Enlargement

If you’re looking for a proven method of penis enlargement, you could settle for some fancy marketing gimmicks and empty promises of 5-8 inches of growth. For guys who are ready to get real results instead of promised results, penis exercises is a much better option! With a success rate of over 80%, guys are finding permanent increases in size and growth without the pain or disfigurement issues that pumps or even extenders can provide when not used correctly.

jelq-deviceAre you ready to make a change? Want your self-confidence back? Then you’re ready to give the Jelq Device a try.

How Do Penis Exercises Work?

There are three specific areas of penis tissue development that occur when penis exercises with the Jelq Device are performed regularly.

  • New tissue growth is encouraged with regular exercise movements just as muscles are encouraged to grow with a workout.
  • Cell multiplication is encouraged through regular stretching of the spongy penile tissues so that more growth can be achieved.
  • Blood flow circulation is improved so that every erection can achieve it’s maximum size on a consistent basis.

Just as you’d exercise your heart to stay healthy, you need to exercise your penis for it to stay healthy as well. Sexual intercourse might seem like the best kind of exercise, but it’s not. Only through safe, effective stretching can a guy get the health benefits that he wants. A penis exercises program can help make that happen quickly and effectively!

penis-exercisesHere’s even better news: you can use your own hands as a Jelq Device as well. For best results, you’ll want to take a look at and consider doing these exercises either in the shower or immediately afterward as the warmth will relax the scrotum.

How Do You Exercise a Penis?

The fastest and easiest way to exercise your penis is to stretch it out. Take a hand and grip the head of your penis between your thumb and first finger.

Make sure you’re wrapping around your penis and not squeezing it! Then slowly stretch it out until you feel pressure on the tissues of your penis. If you feel pain, then you’ve gone too far.

warningAny pain is not normal and you should stop the exercise immediately, whether you are using a device or hands.

Now hold that stretch to a count of 10 and then release. Then simply repeat that process several times throughout the day whenever you have a few moments and you’ll begin to see results in 2-3 weeks, just like you would with any other workout!

If you’re ready to gain your self-confidence back, increase your self-esteem, and give yourself the penis that you’ve always wanted, then it is time to try the proven exercises that will give you a noticeably larger penis. Use the Jelq Device for easy results or use your hands.

What matters is that you take action today so that you receive permanent size gains as soon as possible.