All about Semenax

Semenax is one of the most popular names on the market right now for natural, herbal ejaculate boosters. What does it do, how does it work, what does it do, and most importantly, how does it work? We’ve gathered the answer to all of these questions and more in one convenient place.

SemenaxWhat is Semenax?

Semenax is an all natural supplement that is specially designed to help increase the intensity and length of your orgasms by increasing the amount of ejaculate fluid that your body naturally produces. This interesting web site talks on how an unique new supplement uses a variety of natural herbal, vitamin, and mineral ingredients to increase the output of the various components of your ejaculate. After 2-3 months, you will experience utterly mind blowing orgasms, though you may start to see results in as little as 7 days!

How does it work?

The supplement is designed to increase your amount of ejaculate fluid. It does this by using a proprietary blend that works together to ensure prostate health and increase the production of the 4 parts of the seminal fluid.

  • Seminal vesicle fluids make up nearly 70% of your total ejaculate volume.
  • Prostate gland fluid makes up 25% of the ejaculate volume.
  • Seminal plasma (the juice that actually holds the sperm) and bulbouretheral gland fluid (the substance that adds thickness and consistency to your fluid) makes up the remaining 5%.

All of these necessary fluids are increased, resulting in an overall increase in total ejaculate fluid. This, in turn, helps to create those amazing, world-shattering orgasms that you’ve been dreaming about.

What to Expect

ejaculate-more-spermSemenax is sold in capsule form, making it easy to include in your normal morning or evening routine.

After 7 days of taking the pills every single day, you will start noticing a distinctive increase in the size of your ejaculate load as well as the consistency. You will notice the best results after 2-3 months of continuously taking the pills.

To continue experiencing the fantastic effects of Semenax, you will need to continue taking the supplement daily. While a small interruption will not affect your results, ceasing to take the pills will cause you to lose the benefits that these little pills can provide.

Does it Work?

That is the million dollar question. There are quite literally hundreds of different products on the market that claim to increase the power of your orgasm. Many don’t work, are filled with undeclared prescription ingredients, or packed full of dangerous untested materials that can cause allergic reactions or bad medication interactions.

Not only does Semenax provide a full disclosure of the ingredients that are included in the supplement, they recommend that you visit your doctor before you start taking their product.

Their website’s testimonial page is filled with happy customers and skeptics who have been turned into believers. The product helps to produce stronger and more satisfying orgasms in everyone who has tried it. As an added bonus, there have also been no reports of any side effects or bad reactions to any of the ingredients in the supplement.


If you’re looking for a way to increase your ejaculate volume and have more intense, mind blowing orgasms, then Semenax is worth a look. The company also provides a 60 day money back guarantee, as well as a fantastic first time buyer’s bonus worth $125, including free shipping!