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Penile Enlargement: How To

Men the world over search through options for penile enlargement. There are many options available these days, some are effective, some are more drastic. Which way you choose to try and increase your size will be a mixture of how much time you want to spend on it and how comfortable you are with the method. In this article we will cover some of the options that you can use to enlarge your penis.

Penis Enlargement Exercises

penis-exercisesExercises are the most natural way to enlarge your penis, some say this method is very effective when utilized with exercise equipment. Most of these exercises will use compression to add stress to the penile tissues, which encourages the growth of new cells and thus creates an enlarged penis. The Compressor is a common form of a compression exercise that is great for girth enhancement. It is a two handed exercise. These are the steps involved in the Compressor exercise:

  • Start with an overhand OK-grip and tightly grip the base of the penis.
  • Use your other hand in an OK-grip, where the glans of your penis turns into the shaft.
  • Bring both hands together, compressing the shaft of your penis.
  • While compressed, bend it back and forth, creating tension which increases growth.

Penis Stretching:

penis-enlargement-extenderWhen you stretch the penis you are putting stress on it, this creates small tears. When the tissue tears, new cells and tissues grow to fill in the space. As this occurs, the overall size of the penis will begin to change and grow. These are of great use if you are trying to extend the length of your penis. You have to be careful, you don’t need to stretch so hard that the penis is caused pain for the stretching to be effective. Stretches can be performed in several directions for maximum lengthening:

  • Straight – This stretch is great for general length.
  • Right or left – Stretching the penis to the left or right is a good way to fix a curvature.
  • Downward or upward – This creates tension on the top or bottom of the penis, perfect for lengthening.
  • Combo– Combine any of the above for maximum benefits.

Technology is always striving to make our lives simpler, and penile enlargement is no different. You don’t have to manually attempt penile enlargement there are several forms of penis enlargement devices.

Common Penis Enlargement Devices

Most of these devices fit into one of these categories:

  • Extenders
  • Weights
  • Pumps

Penis Extenders:

Extenders are in effect, a basic traction device. They are available in myriad designs, but the idea is the same. The extender will place an increasing amount of tension on the penile tissues. This creates tears, which with cellular repair become larger expanses of tissues and thus a longer wider penis. The best of these devices are designed to fit comfortably and be worn all day.

Hangers & Weights:

These are also a sort of traction device, however, the traction is made by the weights utilizing gravity. The bigger penis is thus engendered using the same basic process as with the extender. Done over a period of time it will lengthen your penile tissues. This can be dangerous if you are not sure how heavy of a weight to use.

Penis Pumps:

penis-enlargerA penis pump uses the science of vacuum pressure to make penis enlargement happen. Just like with the extenders, there are a variety of designs available for penis pumps.

However, they will all have some kind of cylinder that slips over the penis and a way to create a vacuum. This makes the blood to move into the penile tissue, engorging it. Over a period of time the effects become permanent.

With all the various ways to enlarge your penis these days, it really boils down to a matter of personal choice. Do you want to wear a device all day? Do you want to spend an hour locked in your room? Do you want to take 20 minutes and pump up? Take a look at all the varied options and decide what is best for you.

All About Penis Pumps

Male enhancement is a very popular endeavor these days, and penis pumps are a big part of that. Penis pumps are interesting devices that when utilized with a consistent routine, can be extremely effective in garnering a permanent enlargement of the penile tissues.

In this article we will discuss the different types of pumps, how it works and what to know before you buy. There are a variety of brands and manufacturers on the market today, some of which produce great results as they are high quality –, while others are substandard. There many brands and varying equipment types on the market. Some are excellent in quality, design and effectiveness; others, well, not so much.

penis-pumps-hqRegardless of the type of penis pump chosen, the concept is the same. A vacuum is created by the removal of air out of the cylinder, which makes the penis expand to fill that space. When using these products consistently for extended periods over the course of years, then permanent enlargement can result.


Penis pumps consist of two parts, the cylinder and the actual vacuum pump. A single stage straight cylinder is one piece of tube. This is only to be utilized in pumping the penis. These can be relatively small, but range all the way up to four inches in diameter. The majority of these come in lengths of around nine inches, but you can order customized sizes to best fit your needs.

It doesn’t matter what style of pump that you use, but it needs to be a quality one that is able to keep an eye on the pressure levels with a gauge. The levels must be closely watched so that you don’t cause yourself serious and sometimes permanent injury.

how-to-use-pumpsHow to

Using a penis pump is not the same as taking a pill, jelqing or any other form of penis enlargement since it is essentially performed from the inside out.  When they are is extracted the void that is created and the pressure will cause the penis to enlarge in an attempt to fill the void. This vacuum exerts tension on all the physical parts of the penis, which stretches it and helps you to achieve permanent enlargement of your penis.  

The benefit of pumping is that you don’t have to increase the pressure, the expansion will continue regardless. Just keep an eye on your penis to ensure the pressure is not causing any damage.

The problem with using the penis pump is that you get used to the way it feels and that can be dangerous. If you can no longer feel it working the temptation is to increase the pressure. Pumping for too long and at too high of a pressure can cause you to experience edema. When it is minor, this doesn’t pose a risk, but improper pumping can cause blisters, busted blood vessels and even permanent erectile dysfunction.

Buying a Penis Pump

You always get what you pay for, so you should look for quality, not price when you are purchasing a penis pump. Cheap novelty penis pumps can cause greater amounts of damage than helping to enlarge your penis as they should. They will break down quickly and can be hazardous. guaranteeReputable companies that manufacture quality pumps are a must. This way you get your desired results, the product will last much longer and can be used safely.

Even though penis pumps are all the same in theory, they will not all give the same results. You need to closely examine your needs and see which will work best for you. For just girth, a straight cylinder may be your best bet. For more length, you need to get a cylinder that fits your girth when erect since horizontal expansions happen very fast and then the vacuum will transfer to pulling your tissues lengthwise. The benefits of the penis pump are many, and if used properly can be very rewarding. Consider your options and get started today!